How to be a Powerhouse: What I Learned at a Women Only Event

One thing I love about my work is going to places I wouldn't normally choose to go. Or in this allowed to go.

That's not totally true - though the Powerhouse Women Event is just for women to be inspired and network there were other guys there. Mainly serving mimosas, DJing and handling security (it was a rough crowd). As for me, I was behind the camera.

After the event I spent time listening to each speaker while I edited the footage.

As I spent hour after hour at my editing desk, the messages from the event really started to sink in and I found myself SUPER motivated, LESS afraid and MORE excited to work on my own big dreams and projects. That's the good feeling I want to share with you in this story!

So here are the top 3 lessons I learned about being a Powerhouse MAN:

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 2.23.56 PM.png

1. Make space for fear

2. You're NOT alone (you're in great company)

3. Focus on your service (it's not about you)

Ok, lesson #1: Making Space for Fear

Lucky for me, I have a good role model. My partner Taylor Wray was a guest speaker at the event. Along with 4 other women, Taylor shared her story about taking the leap and going after her dream of teaching yoga full time. As the other women shared their stories, can you guess the common thread?


They all explained that fear is a powerful emotion, but it isn't powerful enough to keep you from taking action. It's actually part of the process.

Here's a concept that may help you change your relationship with fear:

I don’t try to kill off my fear...I allow my fear to live and breathe and stretch out its legs comfortably.

It seems to me that the less I fight my fear, the less it fights back.

If I can relax, fear relaxes too.
— Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

The lesson? Get comfortable with fear and acknowledge its presence. Know that you have power over your fear.

Ok great - you've gotten your fear to relax (a little). But the buck still stops with you and you alone...

That's true. Your dream is up to you...but here's the best part:

Lesson #2: You're Not Alone With It

At this event there were 100+ women talking, connecting and supporting each other. Taylor and I both made some incredible connections that have helped us build our businesses.

Here's your action step: reach out. 

Maybe it's a text to a friend, an old boss, a colleague, a family member or someone you think would be interested in your services and then...just talk. Tell them what you're up to, ask them what they think about it. Tell them your story!

My prediction? You'll find that the more you talk about your dream the more real it becomes and the less alone you will feel. 

Your dream is up to you, but it's not ABOUT you. Take 56 seconds and see if you resonate with the event founder Lindsey Schwartz: 


And that's lesson #3: Focus on Your Service

Lindsey says that the nudge she felt to create the Powerhouse Women Event was not about her. It was about the people she could impact. And the people they could impact (remember the ripple effect from the video up top?)

For her, that realization was a relief.

It was for me too. I actually take a deep breath every time I watch that clip. It's a good reminder that my business isn't about how my work stacks up against other videographers...

It's about how I can help people by telling their story, and always doing my best for them.

::insert sigh of relief::

So, make a little space for fear next time you feel it.

Remember that you're in great company in this journey of yours.

And take a deep breath - the world is ready and waiting for something only you can provide.

If you're amped to keep powering up, then check out the Powerhouse Woman book, or attend the next event!

I just hope more guys get to hear this message soon. #PowerhouseMANEvent?? 

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Tommy Mac