Tommy Mac - Storyteller

I believe in the power of stories


Connect with the heart of your audience

I believe in the power of stories to influence, educate, entertain and inspire. 


"Tommy has a way of visually capturing a vision like no one else. He's creative, reliable and his work exceeds expectations!"

- Lindsey, Powerhouse Women

For Entrepreneurs with a Passion Project

Your brand is connected deeply to your personal story. I know because my business works the same way. Let's tie your story to your service and share it with the world!

Don't know what to do on camera? Don't worry - I've got you!


For Businesses

Your next big social media campaign is all set to launch, all you need is the content! Together we'll combine your story with engaging visuals and testimonials to create something your soon-to-be customers won't forget.

Let's show them who you are!


For Higher Education

You've got a large audience, an important message and strong branding. Whether your audience is watching on the big screen or on their cell phone, one thing never changes - the power of a heartfelt story.

Let's make something they'll share with their friends!


My Latest Story

From tropical storms and Moose hunts (not actual hunts) to lessons learned while on projects, this is where I share my experiences and entrepreneurial tips that I think you'll love. Sign up on my email list and never miss a good story.

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Featured Story

Big Horns in the Canyon

The hottest week of the year brings Big Horn Sheep, and photographers, to Canyon Lake in Arizona.



About Tommy

I create visual stories for people just like you and make a fun, safe environment to do it in.

So you can share your story with the world. 

When I'm not in front of my computer you'll find me out in nature or Livin In Flow leading yoga retreats with my partner. If you click the link below I'll be in touch very soon.


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